It's just past 8 am on a rainy Monday. " Great it's raining, which cuts into outside play."  I think back to what I've done so far today.  If we're going to count the whole morning, at 4 am I told two of my toddlers it's not quite time to get up and listened to them cry for the next 5 minutes as they settled back to bed.  

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At 6 am toddler #3  came to me saying "I poop Diap."  As soon as my feet hit the floor the other two appear for diaper changes as well.  Three handwashings and diapper changes later,  I was trying to start  breakfast and realized the dishwasher didn't run last night.  So, I started handwashing 4 bowls and cups and set the kettle on the stove for instant oatmeal.  While that was going I started husband's breakfast and listened to my 6 year old whine about how I never let him play on his tablet.  

Husband is up and I ask him to shred a potato while the bacon is on.  I run to throw on a stretchy dress and put a brush through my hair. I come back to burning bacon and finish adult breakfast (bacon, eggs and hashbrowns) and brew coffee.  "Bites," I call to all in the house.  The toddlers naturally eat two bites and ask for snacks. "Snacks are for people who eat breakfast" I remind them.

I set out 6 year old clothes and ask him to dress himself.  He plays with toddlers instead.  Over the next 15 minutes and many reminders he manages to get dressed.  Toddlers and 6 year old run screaming in joy up and down the hallway for the next 10 minutes.  6 year old leaves for school.

I clean up breakfast and start dressing toddlers.  Toddler 1 and 2 have now pooped and poop has leak all over toddler 2's clean pants when I pulled them up, not realizing he was poopy.  I search through clean laundry for clean toddler pants and head to the changing table.  I change toddler 1 and 2.

I'm trying a new schedlue today so I choose a bin of superhero toys and set a timer for 30 minutes.  Fun last for about 12 minutes then naughtiness ensues.  Superheroes sail through the air and start hitting other toddlers.  I take away superheroes and wait until the timer goes off to try a new toy bin.  We play with Robots next and Toddler 3 decides she "no want to play" and cries while I vacuum and start a load of laundry.  Toddler 3 cries for mama.  I sit and hold her while she cries and toddler 1 and 2 bring me robots to transform over and over again.  I think "It's just after 8 am in the morning."

In case you're wondering this is what the rest of my day looks like.

I'm not complaining about my life but I do get tired of hearing that stay at home moms don't do anything or that it's not real work." What do you do all day???" First of all, none of your business. Second of all, It's a different kind of work and it is emotionally taxing and emotionally rewarding just like "real work."  Whether you work at home with your kids or out of the home you should be valued and appreciated for all you do!  You do you mama! And Stay Crafty!