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Do you ever feel like everyone you know and love is pregnant or just had a baby?  Okay maybe that's just me.  A lot of my friends have recently had or are expecting in the near future.  There's always a registry and I do think that's the way to go sometimes but I also think it's nice to pass down some maternal wisdom in the gift giving department.  If you've read this blog very much you know already that I Love small businesses and handmade things.  So usually that's my go to when it comes to gift giving as well.

Well, I rounded up five of my favorites for you to consider.  I have to say I do have a clear favorite.  I tell everyone that'll listen about my first pick.

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  1. Pura Stainless.  These bottles are the bomb diggety.  And you may have caught them on the blog before.They are completely plastic free.  That's right not even the lid is plastic.  This is an entirely stainless steel bottle with a silicone nipple and will fit any standard sized bottle nipple, if like me you have a picky baby.  Now that's pretty awesome all on it's own but consider this.  One bottle for life.  No I'm not crazy.  This bottle can literally move out with your baby when they grow up.  It has interchangeable lids.  You start with the baby bottle nipple, then you can purchase several options from there.  There's a sippy lid, a silicone straw lid and a pop top sports lid, also available with sealing disks so you can store your milk.  They also offer silicone sleeves to pretty up your baba. And as if that's not enough, you can decide between a regular bottle and an insulated version.    So what's the big deal?  First of all the prices are so reasonable.  And from personal experience, this has made transitioning from bottle to sippy to straw and sports lid a non-issue for my baby.  She trusts this bottle and she will not accept any other 'bottle' for bedtime milk.  To order visit their website.             
  2. Mossy Bottom Farm Reversible Blanket.  I mean do I even have to tell you why you should buy this for every baby ever?  Yes it's literally the cutest blanket I've ever seen.  Those sheep are raised and fluffy and the back, I mean don't even get me started on the comfy plaid.  I want this in a full sized blankey to snug on the couch!  As an added bonus my baby loves to feel those little raised sheep with her tiny fingers. To order visit her etsy store.                                                                                                                  
  3. Rags2Roses. Now I have done an in depth review of Rags 2 Roses before.  I mainly featured their bows, which by the way, also make a great baby gift.  But look at this bibdana!  I mean come on!  So much cute in one picture right?  The really great thing is that it is also adjustable.  Bibdanas are great for drooly teething babies because they are fashionable and functional.  To order direct message Amanda on Instagram.                                                      
  4. Milk Snob.  Milk Snob breastfeeding covers are so fab!  I have been following their story forever and they are a true small business success story!  They were featured on Shark Tank.  So what do I like so much about them?  It's a nursing cover of course but it is also a carseat cover and a shopping cart cover.  I'm a sucker for a product that can deliver more than one function!  Besides being super duper functional it comes in so many colors and super on trend prints, like this buffalo plaid print!                               
  5. Modern Bloom Studio.  So this one might not seem totally relevant, but one of my favorite things to do is include a gift for mom.  The baby gets all kinds of gifts, but the gifts I remember most were some small thoughtful gifts just for me.  This small bag can be used in so many ways and I thought it'd be a perfect addition to any diaper bag.  Mama can store her essentials or her makeup in this handmade, hand painted bag.  Check Andrea out on Etsy for lots more hand painted and hand stitched goodness.

That's the roundup.  What do you think?  Would you be thrilled to receive such thoughtful gifts?  What is your go to baby gift?  I love to learn about new goodies! Love your friends and Stay Crafty!