So my life is a little crazy right now.  My husband and I are temporarily housing my twin nephews along with my two children.  My small house is pretty bananas.  Almost immediately I saw the need to be on top of things.  Being who I am, I decided to sit down and figure out some kind of schedule to help keep this mama sane.I came up with a cleaning/chore schedule.  It's not perfect but it is sure is making a difference around here.  Listen, I'm no Martha Stewart but when my house gets into disaster zone territory I feel so unhappy.  My anxiety goes into overdrive and depression starts to creep in.  Once things get out of control it's hard to even know where to start to get things back on track.  I did not want that to happen.  Keeping up with the small messes is imperative.  And with four little people there are a lot of little messes.  So first I'll share some tips on how to make your own cleaning schedule and then I'll show what mine looks like.

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  1. Break down what you need to do into categories.  I broke mine down into daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks.  I skipped the yearly stuff because I basically do all of that during spring cleaning.
  2. Be realistic.  What are you actually going to stick to?  What do you really have time for?  My goal isn't to have a spotless house.  That'd be so cool but it's just not a realistic goal at this point in my life.  I just want my house to be tidy and not be gross!
  3. Write it down.  Writitng it down can help with being able to remember what you actually need to do but also adds a level of accountability.
  4. Post it.  No not to Facebook, unless you think that'll be helpful.  I'm thinking more like on the refrigerator or a closet door or somewhere you are going to be able to see it often.

So do you want a look at my schedule?  I'm sure it's not an exhaustive list but if I do keep up with these chores my house will be looking pretty good.  :)What do you think of my cleaning schedule?  Do you have tips for me on keeping up with 4 kids?  Three of them are under three so I'm all ears!  Comment below or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Tidy up and as always Stay Crafty!