I'm not a big spender, or so I thought.  I have pretty good self control when it comes to depriving myself of things I need, like new shoes or clothes or a new 'toy.'  But apparently, I have no self control when it comes to a few small things.  And let me tell you those things have really added up!  In this post I'm only going to talk about what's gotten me into trouble and we'll take the journey together to get me out!  So ready? Set. Go.  Let's see if you can realte to any of these Buget Breakers.

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1. Eating Out.  Listen, it's summer time.  It's hot.  I'm tired by the end of the day, and when my kids won't eat what I cook anyway, it's so much easier to just get what we each want.  I want mexican or chinese food and they want chicken nuggets!  It seems like such a small thing to do that every once in awhile and it could be if it was truly every once in awhile.  But lately it seems like it's just become a bad habit.

2. Groceries. Well my family needs to eat and I grocery shop every week.  I try and shop at the cheaper stores like Aldi but this doesn't really seem to be helping me because my mindset is messed up.  I see all the cheap prices and I think well its so cheap I'll just add it to the cart!  I also believe a lack of planning comes into play here.  If I go to the store with a black and white list and stick to i,t I do better, but when I don't I buy whatever catches my eye and end up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't make meals.  Then I end up going back to the store multiple times to pick up extra ingredients and things I've forgotten.

3. Hobbies.  Man, I have been blowing the craft store up lately!  Partially this is okay because I'm starting a business but the mistake is I haven't been keeping very good track of it.  And trying to do it all at once is proving to be a financial burden.

4. Convenience Foods. Are you seeing a bit of a theme here?  We love to eat!  LOL.  When we are on the run instead of preparing beforehand and having a packed lunch or going home for dinner, we are running through the drive through.  Obviously this is a pitfall and while it seems cheap, those trips add up so fast!  Besides the financial toll it is also unhealthy and can lead to other costly health problems.

5.Extras.  Lately I've been stressed and thinking it's time for me to treat myself. The problem is, even if that's the case, it is still money that is being used for non-essentials!  Some examples are nails, new clothes and toys.  This is not a huge issue for me but it definitely factors in to the big picture.  

So can you relate to any of these poor spending habits?  Do you have suggestions for me to get back on track?  I'll share some of my ideas in my next post.  If you want some seriously good suggestions check out Julia of Prudent Joy's YouTube channel.  She talks about couponing and other money saving techniques.  Until next time Stay thrifty and Stay Crafty!