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10 Ways to Upcycle Today

I love upcycling!  In fact I have an entire board on my personal pinterest dedicated to upcycling.  It's something I try to do regularly and incorporate into my every day life and my crafting.  So how do you get started with upcycling?  Craig Scott, editor and writer from answers in this guest post.

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There isn't any need to go out and purchase new items when you can fashion old items into something usable. Many of these items may have ended up in your recycling bin. The joy of being able to upcycle is that you can repurpose your old items that may have had little or no value into something that is unique. Here are 10 ways that you can upcycle today.

1. Use toilet papers rolls and paper clips to help you with cord management. Instead of throwing your old toilet paper and paper towel rolls into the recycling, reuse them to help you manage your cord situation. Just roll up the extra cord and contain it in the paper roll. Use the paper clips to ensure that the cord doesn't get away from you. For computer cables and other charging cables, use a clamping clip to attach it to the back of your desk or to the wall. This will allow the cord to stay in place even when your device isn't plugged into it.

2. Reuse your old ketchup containers for easy pancake batter squinters. Make sure to thoroughly clean out the ketchup container. This only works for containers that are of the squeezable variety. It will allow you to have perfect pancakes without the hassle of having to buy a container that is specially made for this task. This will also work for waffles, muffins, cupcakes, or anything else that you want to make.

3. Make seedling starter trays out of your old egg cartons. This is a great way to get spring started a little bit early inside. Make sure that the egg carton is made out of cardboard. This way you can easily transplant your seedlings by separating the egg well, and planting it directly into the ground when the time comes for your seedlings to move outside.

4. Create reflective candle bases out of old CDs. Make sure to use the reflective side of the CD for the best effect in the room. When the candle is lit, it adds more ambiance to the environment. It also provides a catch basin for any wax that may spill over the sides of the candle.

5. Turn old plastic milk jugs into watering cans. Simply punch small holes into the cap of the milk container using a hole punch. Be careful to make sure that the holes are uniform and neat. You can refill your new watering can just by unscrewing the cap. It also gives you a little more control when you're watering your plants.

6. Repurpose wooden ladders into pot racks. Cut the ladder down to the correct size for the space that you want to use it. Make sure to leave a rung on either end of the ladder for easy attachment points. Add hooks to the rungs of the ladder so that you can hang your pots up easily. You may choose to keep the rustic look by leaving the ladder unfinished. Another solution could be that you paint the ladder to go with your kitchen's décor.

7. Build a planter box wall out of pallets. You can do this several different ways. You can just stand the pallet up, and place your pots into the slots of the pallet. Another way is to use another pallet to create bottoms for each row on your wall pallet. Then, you can fill these slots with dirt and add your plantings to it directly.

8. Reuse old bottles as light fixtures or candle holders. If you want to create a light fixture, cut the bottom off of the bottle. Then, you can run the wiring through the top. The old bottle becomes the light's shade. A candle holder is much simpler. All you have to do is put the candle into the top of the bottle. Add a little wax around the lip to keep the candle upright.

9. Make a display box out of an old window. Use the old window frame to create the sides of your display box. The base of the box can be another piece of wood or even the top of an old table. You may decide to allow the window to still open and close so that you can change out the items in your display. These are often referred to as shadow boxes.

10. Refashion an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. This is one of the most common uses for old furniture. You may have to remove some of the drawer rails in order to make room for the plumbing. Glue the drawer fronts back into place to keep the appearance of the dresser intact. Consider using a vessel sink so that you can avoid cutting a large hole in the top of the dresser.


All you have to do to upcycle is to take a look around your home. Consider all of the creative ways that you can repurpose your old items. You can find even more ideas here! Recycling is the right thing to do for the environment. It doesn't hurt that you can save some money while helping out the planet.

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