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10 things about me



I'm April and this is my blog.  It's been a little while since I said hello, so hello!  It's me!  I'm back.  I've been blogging on and off for a few years.  When I started I never expected to enjoy it so much!  Well I wanted to kind of reintroduce myself. So I put together '10 things about me' so you can get an idea of who you're dealing with. lol So let's get started!




1. My blog is named April Does That because I do and know about all kinds of crafty things.  So you might be caught saying "April does that." I didn't want my blog to be limited by a genre or a list of rules, so I prettly much do what I want here.  I guess perhaps this could be called a lifestyle blog.  All I know is I want to be real, genuine and myself.  



2. I am an artist and I'm getting ready to release a ton of art!  I love to create but most of all I love to share with you!  I generally work with acrylic but a recent project has introduced to me to extensive work with watercolor.  Usually I work with canvas but I've been experimenting with other surfaces as well.



3. I'm messy.  Listen I'm not a perfect housekeeper and my creative space is a mess.  I am generally just a hot mess.  I'm unorganized and forgetful.  I have candy wrappers in my purse and and old cup in my car. My clean laundry stays too long in the basket and my kid ran out of socks this week.  I go through times when I organize and try really hard to be perfect but my nature is very Type B.  I'm relaxed and creative. This is not to say my house is gross, rather it's a bit unorganized and disheveled. And my sweet husband does more than his fair share.




4. I'm a mother. I'm pretty firm but I'm fair.  I love my kids "across space" as my youngest would say.  Their Daddy is definitely the softer of the two of us. He's also very playful. But mom is always there for boo boos, a scary dream or a sugar sweet snuggle when needed.  I love being a mother.  Before I had kids I thought I knew a whole lot about everything.  Now I realize I know very little.  My kids have taught me many lessons, from patience to what it really means to love selflessly.  It's sometimes an intimidating undertaking, molding young minds, but it is so very rewarding.  It fills me up.  


5. I was married at 20 years old and I've beeen married for 15 years. (yah i know, now you know how old I am)  My husband Josh is nothing short of amazing.  I'm thankful every single day that I found him.  I got to grow up with him.  A lot changes from 20 to 30's. After 15 years our love has only grown stronger and more mature. I can honestly say I love him more today than all those years ago.




6. I come from a large family but also a small one.  I'm my mother's one and only, and my bio-father's first of five. I also have two step siblings,a step mother and an awesome,super loved, amazing stepfather.  I don't believe in half and step, we're just family. I love each and every one of them.  When it comes to my siblings, I'm the oldest.  So I feel very maternal toward them.  Sometimes family is really complicated but in the end, for better or worse, they help shape who we choose to be.




7. I'm a minimalist - work in progress.  Since I'm messy, having less appeals to me.   If we have less there's less chance of a mess.  So I go through my stuff quite often to purge and organize.  I also try not to buy as much as I did in the past.  Basically this is a goal of mine and I hope one day it will be second nature to have less and be organized.




8. I am prompt.  I'm on time just about everywhere I go. If I say 10 am I'm looking for you at 10 am.  I do try not to show up too early. There are a few exceptions to this.  But in general I show up on time.  Don't worry if you're a little late though.  I know things come up. 


9. I really like Taylor Swift.  I know. I know.  You probably hate her and her music but I can't help it.  I like her music.  She knows how to capture a moment, to paint a scene, to tell a story and I'm on board.  I don't know much about her as person and I don't really care to.  A lot of times it ruins things for me. So now you know.  I like Taylor Swift. (lol)




10.  I am friends with amazing, strong, innovative and talented women.  Just wait, you'll meet them and you'll see what I mean!  So there's 10 things about me :) I'd love to hear something fun about you.  At this point in time this blog is purely for fun so the more interaction, the more fun it'll be.  I hope this post finds you well. Stay Crafty! 

April Does Art
From Stay-at-Home to Working Mom


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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